Would you like to learn to decorate?

Owning The Cookie Emporium has literally been a dream come true.  I'm often asked what I'm most proud of accomplishing as the CEO of such a full company and my answer is always the connection I have with my students.

Teaching is one of my greatest joys and no matter how big our company grows, I hope to be able to always teach decorating and empowerment courses.

If you are looking for opportunities to learn or grow your decorating skills online I would encourage you to check out my online academy:

Teach Me How To Bake

If you are looking for learning opportunities for your kids, I've got them covered too!  A wide variety of scheduled LIVE classes are hosted monthly for kids, tweens and teens ages 5-18 on Outschool.  You can visit my teacher profile below to see my upcoming schedule.

Upcoming Classes for Kids

Outschool is a platform that allows me to offer LIVE virtual decorating classes in a safe and effective online learning environment.  I'd love to see your kids there.